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Dysgu gyda Sam

A brand belonging to Hedyn Cyf

About us Hedyn Cyf

Hedyn Cyf is a family run business established by brothers Gruffudd and Llywelyn Tudur along with their mother Carolyn Tudur.

The company was founded in 2008 with the intention of creating educational materials and resources for teaching young children. So far, we have published a variety of high-quality Welsh language educational books and resources that are now used in many Primary Schools throughout Wales.


Our Products


Darllen gyda Sam

Our first product, ‘Darllen gyda Sam’ was launched in 2011. This is a phonic reading scheme for children aged 3 to 6 years. It is a graded, systematic series of books that enables children to learn, practise and develop their early reading skills. In addition to the simple storybooks, there are extra materials to enhance learning on our website and a booklet containing a step by step guide on how parents can help their child learn how to read. The booklet also offers useful advice, information, and translations for non-Welsh speaking parents who want to help and support their children when they are learning to read Welsh.

 ‘Dysgu Darllen gyda Sam’ has now reached its third publication, it is extremely popular with parents and is used in many Primary Schools classrooms throughout Wales and beyond.

As many as 65,000 books from the series have been sold to date.

Cymraeg YYYG.jpg

Darllen a Deall gyda Sam

Our second publication ‘Darllen a Deall gyda Sam’ was launched in 2015. This series of books, together with a folder of resources and free downloadable material were created to enable young children learn comprehension skills.

In the past, this product has been available as a large pack intended for use in group teaching sessions in schools. However, due to popular demand, a single set of books with a short guidebook and access to free downloadable material from our website is now available for parents to purchase.

Celf gyda Sam

An iOs App was created and launched in 2014. 

*No longer available*

Soft Toys

Sam and Non characters have been produced as soft toys and are now available to purchase on the website.

Welsh in the Primary School

Cymraeg yn yr Ysgol Gynradd

A guide to Welsh words and phrases published in 2017.

This is a booklet for non-Welsh speaking parents containing an introduction to the most used Welsh words, phrases and sentences that children will hear and use in the Primary School.

At present we have several on-going projects focused on developing and creating more learning materials for children. We hope to continue expanding our line of products in the future. We are eager to provide and improve access for parents who want to be involved in their children’s education and we  hope to assist non-Welsh speaking parents who wish to help their children who are receiving their education through the medium of Welsh.

Say Hello to our Team


Gruffudd Tudur


Gruff is responsible for running the day-to-day activities of the business. So, if you contact Dysgu gyda Sam, it is very likely that you will speak with him. Gruff is also responsible for all design and graphic work, for the development of new products, and for creating and updating our digital learning resources and website.


Carolyn Tudur


Carolyn Tudur is retired from being a Primary School teacher. With over 30 years of experience, she is the one who provides advice and direction to all of our products and educational resources. Her guidance and knowledge of this field are invaluable; and it ensures that we continue to offer the best possible products, resources and service for Welsh-medium education.

Darllen gyda Sam 2008 - 2011


Menter Môn

We greatly appreciate the opportunity, guidance and funding received from Menter Môn. Their contribution through the 'Bahaus Project' has been paramount in the launch of our enterprise.

Martin Japheth

 A key contributor in the task of preparing our first product, 'Darllen gyda Sam’. His talent has enabled us to develop contemporary material that will appeal to many. We would like to thank him for all his hard work. 


A company that has contributed very constructively to our enterprise is 'Bocswn'. We are grateful for the service they provided at their audio studio on Anglesey.

Merfyn Pierce Jones

Thanks for the valuable contribution of the screenwriter and actor Merfyn Pierce Jones who is the Storyteller on our Interactive CD-ROM.  His voice has contributed greatly to the books and has served to enliven the characters in the stories.

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