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Darllen a Deall
gyda Sam

75 Books and Resource Folder


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‘Darllen a Deall gyda Sam’ (translated, 'Reading and Understanding with Sam') teaches young children how to read and extract information from 15 simple storybooks. They are specifically aimed at children in Year 2 bridging to Year 3.

The main features of the books are that

  • they include ready-made questions to help direct children to particular information within the text. The structure of the questions is similar to those found in the National Reading Tests.

  • the stories are graded in detail, and the vocabulary within them has been carefully chosen to help children practise and learn effective reading strategies.

This pack includes a large folder containing several valuable resources i.e. worksheets, assessment papers, flashcards and suggestions on how to use the materials for learning. 


All resources in the folder can also be downloaded from this website.

The Reading Books (5 copies of each book)

Dechrau y llyfrau.png

Pre-reading Activity

At the beginning of every book, there are words that children might need to practise reading. Some have been grouped according to the type of letter combinations and blends that appear in them. Another group contains long and unfamiliar words that need to be either read syllable-by-syllable or maybe have their meanings explained.  

The Stories

The stories are split into three parts to enable the children to focus on the content of the text. Children have the opportunity to carefully respond to what has been read within daily reading sessions.


Ending Reading Sessions

At the back of the books, there is a small section that allows you to end the activity with a short discussion. Here, children can connect personal experiences to topics and events that feature in the stories. They can also develop oral skills by using the suggested simple sentence patterns. 

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Ffolder Adnoddau.png

The Resource Folder

The 'Resource Folder' contains resources that will enable you to carry out a variety of reading activities with the children. They have been specially created to help you reinforce the learning process.


Advice and Guidance

Here we have instructions that give guidance on how to use the series along with the resources that are in the folder. 

Flash Cards

The flashcards enable the children to practise several initial reading methods and strategies before reading the books.

Assessment Papers

Additional questions based on the content of the stories. The children can attempt to answer these independently.

Completing Sentences

A collection of sentences that need to be completed. The children can choose one word of four options to fill the gap.

Additional Information





Hedyn Cyf


Gruffudd & Carolyn Tudur





Color illustrations


The Pack

473mm x 224mm x 70mm / 5.2Kg


145mm x210mm (A5) / 12 Pages


The Pack

300mm x 215mm x 20mm / 192 Pages

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