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Dysgu Darllen gyda Sam Pack 3

Books 11 to 15 & Parents' Guide  3


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This pack enables the child to practice and develop their early reading skills. The vocabulary is more challenging than in packs 1 and 2 and allows the child to show progress. The books develop the child’s ability to understand the words being read. They entertain with a good story and provide a strong incentive to understand and follow the text.

The pack also includes a Parent's Guide that explains some of the principles of learning to read and offers some suggestions on how you can help your child master one of the most important life skills.

This booklet contains information about, the important things to remember when reading with your child, revision of pack 2, ways of learning how to read long and difficult words and other ways of helping. Also, at the end of the booklet there is a special section for non-Welsh speaking parents (the same as in Parents’ Guides 1 & 2) and translations of the five story books that feature in pack 3.

Pack 3  Content

Llyfr 11
Llyfr 12
Llyfr 13
Llyfr 14
Llyfr 15
Canllaw i Rieni 3

The Reading Books

At the back of each book, there is a translation of the vocabulary into English. This can be used for quick reference to the meaning of Welsh words.

The illustrations are playful, colourful and simple. Their purpose is to help children make sense of the words and sentences. Children can easily link and relate the text to what can be seen in the images.

The font used in our books has been chosen carefully to ensure clarity and suitability for young children who are learning to read.


A certificate is included at the back of each book. Cut out and award them to the reader. This will give praise for achievement and will encourage the child to continue reading.


Parents' Guide 3

This Parents’ Guide is the last of the three booklets we have prepared to offer you information and suggestions on how you can help teach your child to read Welsh. 

As in the previous booklets in packs 1 and 2, we introduce some important aspects that you should take into consideration and we also explain some of the basic reading skills that develop gradually as a child learns to read. 

We must also emphasise that the advice given in the previous booklets will continue to be relevant as your child reads through the books in this pack.

Non-Welsh-Speaking Parents

Helping your child to read a language that you are not familiar with can be a daunting task but it’s not impossible. Parent involvement is an important part of a child’s success. 

This section is written in English only and includes information about simple steps a non-Welsh-speaking parent can take to support and encourage a child’s Welsh-language reading skills. Information and suggestions include, how to introduce your child to Welsh, how to pronounce letters and simple methods that can be used when reading together.


The purpose of this section is to offer English-speaking parents an opportunity to understand and follow what is written in our Dysgu Darllen gyda Sam books.

The translations enable you to follow what is being read, thus providing you with an opportunity to encourage the child to persevere and succeed.


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